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Peer-to-Peer Brewing

"my Wedding Brew went down an absolute storm. People are still       banging on about it 3 months later!"
-- Simon


beertorrent® is a concept that was thought about and developed in 2015.
beertorrent® is an idea that is set to bring together home brewing and craft beer in a unique way. 
beertorrent® is not a brewery, yet.  Watch this space for more information on our future plans.

beertorrent® is a business that will enable  like-minded people to brew their own beer using quality equipment and ingredients without the difficulties of brewing in the home.
  • beertorrent® aims to be the largest organisation of home brewers.
  • Benefits for members.
  • Help us to create brewing communities of peer-to-peer brewers.
  • There are no limits to brewing beer.  If you have an idea for a recipe or for a technique, then beertorrent® will help it happen for you.
  • Our focus is on brewing beer.  We know how to do it: No wine; No cider; No distilling.
  • beertorrent® is democratic.  We are learning too, from you.
  • There's always more.  If you have an idea, or want to research a long lost recipe, or brewing technique, then we will help you do it.
  • beertorrent® is based in Warwickshire.
  • Our aim is to expand to wider markets.
  • If you would like to see a beertorrent® in your local area then please send us a note here: CONTACT .
  • The world is your Oyster Stout!.