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"my Wedding Brew went down an absolute storm. People are still       banging on about it 3 months later!"
-- Simon



  1. National Beer Day
    15 Jun, 2017
    National Beer Day
    Don't forget it's National Beer Day on Thursday 15th June, so says Modern Toss!
    10 Jun, 2017
    Come and see us at The Homebrew Festival in June at Market Bosworth - We will be brewing up an Ale storm!
  3. Grainfather Brew Off Competition
    09 Oct, 2016
    Grainfather Brew Off Competition
    From the 21-23 October, will be hosting a brew off competition using the Grainfather, all in one, all grain brewing system. Teams must be a minimum of 2, maximum of 4. You can brew any style you like. Beers will be judged and scored at a judging party according to BJCP standards. All entrants are invited to the judging party to try the beers after the official judging. Prizes 1st Prize – A Grainfather all in one brewing system 2nd Prize – A £50 voucher for the Grainfather
  4. Harbury Beer Festival in its 25th Year
    02 Sep, 2016
    Harbury Beer Festival in its 25th Year
    hThe Harbury Beer Festival is back for its 25th year, and the theme will be revisiting favourite beers from past festivals.  These will include beers that were specially made for the past festivals, as well as popular favourites.
  5. Facebook Police
    26 Jun, 2016
    Facebook Police
    Our facebook page has been disabled recently and we are working hard to re-create it. Apologies for any disconnect caused by this.   Please send us an email via our CONTACTS page to reconnect.
  6. Fermenter Farm
    11 Jun, 2016
    Fermenter Farm
    Twenty shiny new stainless steel fermenters in place at our Clemens Street site, ready to be filled with beer. Come and visit us next Sunday - June 19th - to see how. The fermenters are from the USA, and are made of top quality stainless steel with a conical base, which is perfect for creating consistent quality ales.  They have built in thermometers to keep a check on fermenting temperatures.   Supplied by
  7. B-Y-O  Brew Your Own Beer
    20 Mar, 2016
    B-Y-O Brew Your Own Beer
    Are you interested in crafting your own real ale in a friendly and supportive environment? You might already be an experienced brewer, you might be just starting out on the ale trail, or you might be interested in giving it a go. Are you located in Warwickshire, OK? BeerTorrent is open to all, so please get in touch using our CONTACT form, and tell us what you like.