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"my Wedding Brew went down an absolute storm. People are still       banging on about it 3 months later!"
-- Simon

Grainfather Brew Off Competition
Dave Reason
Sunday, October 09, 2016

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  1. National Beer Day
    15 Jun, 2017
    National Beer Day
    Don't forget it's National Beer Day on Thursday 15th June, so says Modern Toss!
    10 Jun, 2017
    Come and see us at The Homebrew Festival in June at Market Bosworth - We will be brewing up an Ale storm!
  3. Harbury Beer Festival in its 25th Year
    02 Sep, 2016
    Harbury Beer Festival in its 25th Year
    hThe Harbury Beer Festival is back for its 25th year, and the theme will be revisiting favourite beers from past festivals.  These will include beers that were specially made for the past festivals, as well as popular favourites.